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Considering Tiles For Bathroom? Invest In Marble

If you are fastidious about aesthetics, you are sure to develop a weakness towards marble as it has a striking appearance and makes a big impact on a room’s décor. Marble is lightly patterned, shiny, bold and dark. This means that while it still retains a ‘classical’ feel, it tends towards maintaining a new, glossy and minimalist look. You will often come across entirely white bathrooms these days – they indeed look minimalist and modern. This look will, however, soon become quite dated and prevent your bathroom from making a statement – just as green baths and beige carpets appear somewhat old-fashioned today.

A plus point of the marble look is that the pattern isn’t dense, but is neatly random, and can conceal marks or dirt as opposed to the completely white look. What this means is that every stain won’t stare you in the eye and go about ruining your bathroom walls and flooring, thus giving you much time before you do some cleaning up. Marble bathroom tiles Sydney have the advantage that they look good on both the floor and the walls. You can also use them on the window sill and on surfaces around the sink. This gives your bathroom a compact look, and a harmonious style spreads across the entire area of the bathroom. Your bathroom becomes stylish and makes an impressive visual impact.

We will now focus our attention on practical aspects. Tiles of marble come with a host of advantages. As compared to laminate or corporate flooring, or even ceramic tiles, marble tiles are very durable as they are extremely difficult to chip or damage – if something is dropped on a marble floor, it won’t cause an entire slab to break. This is really good news as replacing these tiles involves slightly higher costs. But these tiles have a long life which makes them worthwhile investing in as they will not need to be exchanged or replaced in a very long time. Also, these tiles can be cleaned very quickly and easily as they have a flat surface and the gaps between tiles are fewer when compared to other kinds of tiles, such as ceramic tiles. In a bathroom where things are often spilt on the floor, it is important that the mess be removable with easy swipes. Compared to carpet flooring, laminate flooring or ceramic tiles, marble flooring is much more pliable – it does not become musty easily and does not easily peel off from the floor. This is a huge advantage in a bathroom that is constantly exposed to steam.In short, choosing marble tiles adds longer life to your bathroom floor.