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What Is The Importance Of Self-managed Superannuation Funds?

There is a wellbeing program for employees by the organization that are designed to give pension and other benefits known as superannuation fund or company pension plan. After depositing superannuation funds the account will mature without any sought of repercussions, unless and until you withdraw your funds or your time of retirement comes. In Australia there is a lot of people who are realizing the benefit of superannuation funds, and they rapidly going towards self-managed superannuation funds. But to uphold the self-managed superannuation fund you must know the legalities or legal requirements of it, or you can hire the services of superannuation auditor to meet that legal requirements. 

Now a days employees don’t stay for longer period of time in a company they switch their jobs or companies from one to another for better benefits and salary packages which can be a little bit of hassle for companies because they have again spend their resources in hiring process. So to hold employees in their company for longer period of time they give plenty of retirement benefits and plans which will benefit employees after the retirement to them.  

Popularity of superannuation funds: 

The main reason of the popularity of superannuation funds are that owner have the control on their funds, they can withdrawal any time. 

Pros and cons of managing SMSF: 


  • The control of the SMSF is in the hand of owner. Only the owner have the rights to manage these funds. It’s totally up to you whether you want to invest your funds or not.  
  • You can also get some sought of tax benefit like, after retirement holder of SMSF are not obliged to pay capital gain tax 
  • After the death of fund holder, these funds wont discontinue and will remain provide assistance to the family members of fund holder 

Cons of managing SMSF: 

  • Greater things comes with greater responsibilities, so there are some rules and procedures that SMSF have to meet. As the holder of these funds you are liable to fulfill all documentation on time. 
  • Managing SMSF is quite risky because you need proper information about legalities to manage funds. You will have to hire someone who know all the legalities regarding managing funds.  


Managing SMSF is quite challenging and demanding task so you have to make sure that you should manage SMSF with proper responsibilities to avoid any kind of penalties. The best and ideal option for you to hire company or take services from the person who has lot of experience in managing SMSF and who has good reputation in market to avoid from any kind of fiscal losses and wastage of time. Well easy tax agent in Chatswood have experienced and qualified auditors which will fulfill your auditing requirements at very affordable rate. tax-agent