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Matching Your Plasterboard Requirements
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Matching Your Plasterboard Requirements

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shaft liner suppliers

With years of expertise and a local presence, we stock a wide variety of plaster goods for both household and commercial use. The company has established itself as a leader in providing great products, knowledgeable service, and sound advice.

We are able to provide shaft liner suppliers in Melbourne to help you with your project, no matter how big or small, thanks to access to high-quality products from reputable suppliers like Gyprock, Bradford, Rondo, and many more. From estimating through installation, our qualified team is here to assist you in every way.

With this gypsum shaft liner board, you can improve safety and lessen noise transmission. An inflammable core is made of noncombustible materials. To assist avoid mold, the core is encased in the moisture-resistant paper that is created entirely from recycled materials. This moisture-resistant drywall offers fire ratings for two hours in space construction and 3 hours in shaft wall systems. The double-beveled edges make installation simple since they make it easier than square edges to seam tight seams. One panel has a lower height of 1 in, allowing for more floor area, and is 2 ft W x 8 ft L. Noise transmission between walls is lessened by the sound-attenuating plasterboard panel and core from Shaftliner M2Tech. To quickly resize this board, simply hand snap and score it. You don’t need any other tools. The certification certifies the panel as being safe for indoor use and free of market chemical and VOC emissions.

Our Capabilities for You

With pride, gyprock suppliers Melbourne provides Gyprock plasterboard. Additionally to specialty boards for sound, fire, wet area, impact, and mold resistant systems, it is available for a variety of conventional applications. Additionally, Gyprock produces a whole line of eco boards for use in green building initiatives.

What Is Made of It

A machine-produced sheet called plasterboard, or gypsum as it is known in other regions of the world, is formed of a plaster core and a thick liner paper.

Gypsum, a semi-sedimentary rock, is first combined with a cleaning agent to form a wet plaster mix, which is then used to create the core. The side corners of the sheet are folded around the plaster after it has been applied on a piece of thick paper. To form a plaster “sandwich,” a layer of liner board paper is placed on top and dried in the oven before being cut to size and prepared for use. The final gypsum sheet has two long, paper-wrapped edges, two cut edges, and two short, unwrapped edges. Australian gyprock suppliers Melbourne produce gyprock in accordance with AS2588.

Board made of gypsum. Gyprock plasterboard is made entirely of recycled paper, and thanks to ongoing innovation, including Gyprock reCore technology, it is possible to produce plasterboard with a significant amount of recycled core material. Good Environmental Choice Australia has officially recognized the Gyprock standard and specialty plasterboard products (GECA).

How Is installed?

Plasterboard screws or nails and Gyprock are used to secure Gyprock plasterboard sheets to wooden or steel frames. Before painting or decorating, the joints are covered with an adhesive and jointing composite and then sanded. You may find video instructions for installing the Gyprock plasterboard under the Tips & Approaches category.

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