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Outdoor Fun

Travel Essentials For A Day Trip

Heading out for a day full of fun and adventure but insure about what to take along with you? Worry not as we have made a small guide for your travel essentials that would be required for you to pack for your day trips.

  1. Maps and Guides

If you have a totally unplanned trip and have a lot of time in hand, then getting lost in an unknown place could be an adventure for you, however, if you are on a limited time and want to make the most of your trip, then we suggest you to carry a guide and map with you that would allow you to follow the directions of the destination.

  1. Wallet Essentials

Wallet is something that you should not forget, however, keeping extra stuff is something that wouldn’t be needed on your day trips in Adelaide. Keep only important things in your wallet like credit card, driving license, identity card and some cash on hand.

  1. Sun Protection

Since you are planning a day trip, we highly recommend you to carry sun screen and sun protection to save you from the sun rays effect on your body. Get yourself a sun screen that contains a protective brim. If your vacation is planned during the hot weather in summers, a sun screen is something you should never forget.

  1. Health Care

It is very unfortunate to meet small accidents however, one should always be prepared for all sorts of situations which is why carrying some of the basic health care necessities is a must. A travel sized tissue pack, wet wipes, some basic medicines, hand sanitizer, band aid and some other health care essentials should always be packed when travelling.

  1. Alternate Footwear

When dressing for your day, always make sure how you plan to dress up which includes footwear too. Some of the essentials consist of;

  • If your trip includes water activities, then carrying a waterproof shoe and an extra pair of socks is mandatory.
  • If your trip consists of a lot of walking on foot, keeping comfortable joggers should be your priority.
  • Switching from closed toe shoes to sandals or flip flops may be required during the trip so keep an extra comfortable pair of shoes with you.
  1. Snacks

Whether your trip consists of short hours of travelling or longer hours, carrying snacks is always a must. It’s always nice to have something to munch when you are on the road. You can purchase snacks from a superstore or can prepare something homemade for the trip as per your preference. Just make sure whatever you are carrying is properly packed so you don’t ruin your things.